Terms and Conditions





1.1. “PAMM Account” (Percent Allocation Management Module) means a trading account that is managed by a PAMM account administrator.

1.2. “PAMM Account Administrator” means an individual or entity authorized by the Broker to manage a PAMM Account on behalf of its clients.

1.3. “Investor” means an individual or entity that invests funds in a PAMM Account.

1.4. “Broker” means the entity providing the trading platform and related services to the PAMM Account, in this case, W7BT.


PAMM account

2.1. The PAMM Account is a trading account managed by the PAMM Account Administrator on behalf of investors who deposit funds into the account.

2.2. The PAMM Account Administrator is responsible for making trading and risk management decisions for the PAMM Account on behalf of investors.

2.3. The broker is not responsible for the trading and risk management decisions made by the PAMM account manager.



3.1. Investors may invest funds in the PAMM Account through the Broker.

3.2. The Investor acknowledges that the performance of the PAMM Account is subject to market fluctuations and may result in investment losses.

3.3. The investor acknowledges that the PAMM account manager is entitled to charge a management fee based on the performance of the PAMM account.



4.1. The Broker is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from an investment in the PAMM Account.

4.2. The PAMM Account Administrator is responsible for the trading and risk management decisions for the PAMM Account on behalf of the Investors, and the Broker bears no responsibility for such decisions.

4.3. Investors acknowledge that they are responsible for their own investment decisions and must carefully evaluate the information provided by the PAMM Account Manager before investing in the PAMM Account.

4.4. The manager is responsible for equal compliance with the brokerage’s AML policy and related legal requirements in their country.


Registration of PAMM Account Managers

5.1 Only professionals already registered by the broker can handle third-party funds on the W7BT trading platform.

5.2 In order to be eligible to apply for registration, the person must have been a client of the broker for at least one year:

Compliance: you must have the required certifications and permits to operate if required by the laws of your country;

Experience and Skill: You must prove your experience and skill through your trading track record and performance on other platforms.

Capitalization: The broker may require the account manager of PAMM to have some minimum capitalization to demonstrate financial capacity.

Internal compliance: the PAMM account manager undertakes to comply with the rules of the platform, in particular leverage limits, margins and eligible risks.

Transparency: The PAMM account manager must provide adequate transparency, including regular performance reports and clear communication with investors.

Investment guidelines: Along with the registration, the administrator must submit the investment policy(ies) of the PAMM account(s) it intends to manage;

Investor profile: before starting to manage the client’s funds, the manager must evaluate the client’s profile, which consequently must be taken into account and respected when establishing the investment policy for the PAMM account;

Contract with the client: Only PAMM account managers that send a copy of the draft contract to be signed with the investor together with their application will be approved;

The investor must have his funds allocated to PAMM accounts that match his profile or, in case of incompatibility, the manager must provide a statement to that effect, confirming that he is aware of the non-compliance of the profile with the investment policy of the PAMM account;



6.1. The investor may request the closure of their account at any time.

6.2. The PAMM account administrator may close the investor’s account if they consider that it is in the best interest of the investor or the PAMM account.

6.3. The Broker may close the Investor’s Account or the PAMM Account Administrator’s Account if they violate these Terms of Use or the laws of the jurisdictions to which the Broker is subject.


Dispute resolution

7.1 Any controversy, dispute, or claim arising out of or relating to the administration of PAMM Accounts subject to these Terms of Use, including the validity of this document, its interpretation, execution, termination or resolution, and the agreement between the Investor and the Administrator, shall be resolved by arbitration in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

7.2 The arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with the rules and procedures of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and shall be presided over by a sole arbitrator appointed by the rules of the ICC.

7.3 The award shall be final and binding on the parties and shall be enforced under the laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines or other applicable laws.

Amendments to the Rules:

8.1 The Brokerage may amend the Rules at any time, subject to prior notice to investors.

8.2 Investors may elect to close their PAMM accounts if they do not agree with the changes to the Rules.


By opening a PAMM account, the investor agrees to these Terms of Use and confirms that he/she has read and fully understands the risks associated with investing in the PAMM account.